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Craig and Andrew made their first film together when they were children, over thirty years ago. Ten years ago they formed The Thief of Brisco. Since then they have jointly and separately produced, directed, written, edited and starred in over a dozen short films.

Away from fiction, Craig has produced several promotional films within the charity sector.

Andrew is the founder and Managing Director of accountancy practice ABC (Scotland) Ltd. As an employer and financial decision maker, his professional career keeps important film making skills sharpened such as managing a team, budgeting and planning complex work around deadlines.


Craig and Andrew will also direct Crooked Frames. Over decades of collaboration they have developed a unique, well-honed and perfectly attuned style. Craig works closely with the crew, while Andrew is an actors' director, giving his full focus on the cast and their performance. This synthesis means both can pay close attention to quality of story and execution of their joint vision.